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White Colour Essence

  • Product Info

    White - Strongly cleansing and harmonising on all levels.



    Lily of the Valley - Calms, cleanses and brings clarity. Encourages refreshing new growth to remember the sweetness life holds when we are most likely to forget.



    Magnolia - Stimulates cleansing and purifying. Instills respect and awe. To bring awareness of fragility in relation to our selves and others. Not to go beyond our limits is to discover our true strength.



    Quartz - Helpful in awakening to clear communication with the inner self. Can also be energising. Amplifies all other energies, solidified light can be very penetrative, to go into issues deeply, to shine the light into the shadow.


    Moonstone - Like its reflections it enhances inner vision, wisdom and strength. Balances emotions, helping one to develop knowledge. It is useful when undertaking new creative projects and for birthing these. Clearing suffering from the subtle fields, helps to get in touch with one's 'talents'.



    Silver - Can help to improve the flow of energy along the meridians. Aids the balancing of feminine qualities and the opening of the Kundalini. Quickens communication between the different aspects in oneself.


    General Effect

    Deeply cleansing and harmonising on all levels. Helps to sharpen the mind, bringing new insights, seeing, feeling and sensing oneself anew. Can help to bring light into any situation. To see the reflection of ourselves more clearly without judgement, helps us to see and be with others.



    Light fills my whole being.

    May this Light bring clarity to all those I meet.



    1 - 8

  • How to Use Color Essences

    The Colour Essences can be used in the bath or placed on the pulse points of your wrists or temples throughout the day whenever your colour energies need a top up.


Equilibrium 50ml