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NEW Magenta Air Conditioner〜 Love in the little things.

Aura-Soma Products are excited to announce the release of the new Magenta Pomander into the Air Conditioner range.

The Air Conditioners contain the same ingredients of the 49 herbal extracts as the personal Pomanders (often referred to as the 25ml) in quantities that relate to the predominant energy of the specific colour, in this case Magenta. Amongst the thirteen crystal essences contained within this Pomander are Rose Quartz, Opal, Rubellite and Watermelon Tourmaline and perhaps the most noticeable of the blend of oils and flower extracts are the delicate and sweet scents of Rose and Ylang Ylang.

While the personal Pomanders can offer support for our personal space the Air Conditioners are designed to support and enhance our environmental space.

Their formulation is stronger than the personal Pomanders as they are not designed for personal use. Because of their enhanced energetic properties only a few short sprays are required in order to freshen, cleanse, lighten, invigorate or transform the energy of our space. They can offer an immediate support in all manner of domestic or professional settings; living and sleeping areas, treatment or consultation rooms, work environments, during workshops etc. Their use to enhance whatever environment we might find ourselves in is almost limitless.

As with the personal Pomanders, the Air Conditioners have the same colour attributions which enable you to be very specific about the energies you wish to introduce into your environment.

The new Magenta Pomander will help to bring the energy of love in the little things into the world around us. Bringing love into the everyday may support us in developing an attitude of love and caring in all that we do as we connect with our deepest quality. It is also a reminder that in each moment, the Love from Above is available to us, offering support particularly when we meet some of the most challenging situations that life presents us with. Frequent and regular use of the Magenta energy, either personally or within our space, may also help to develop a deep sense of gratitude for all that we experience.

Love in the little things... Soil to Soul

In the early days Vicky would grow and hand pick many of the plants and herbs she combined within the products of Aura-Soma in her own garden. Mike has taken that simple beginning and continues to develop it today within the biodynamic lands that are owned by Aura-Soma and that are now collectively known as Shire Farm.

The work done at Shire Farm is reflective of Mikes passion not only for biodynamic farming, but also for reforestation and a soil to soul approach which links the care and vitality of the earth to personal and planetary wellbeing.

Some of the Rose extract contained within the Magenta Pomander is derived from the petals handpicked from the rose bushes behind the Aura-Soma production site. Many of these beautiful bushes have been there in excess of twenty years. The images below show some of the rose bushes and the freshly harvested rose petals.

The petals form the basis of a tincture that is included in the Magenta Pomander formulations as well as some of the Aura-Soma and AEOS products.

Why Rose? Because it is particularly good for increasing self-esteem, confidence and positivity. This is perhaps what makes roses the most popular flower to send to loved ones.

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