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2018 Nov 15-18th(Thu-Sun) AuraSoma®Jewellery event in SG !

We are cordially invited to join 2018 Aura--Soma Jewellery Event 2018 November 15-18th (Thursday -Sunday) in Singapore. The fist Asia of Aura--Soma Jewellery Event was 2016 in Singapore .

So this is for the first time in two years

【What is Aura-Soma Jewellery?】Aura-Soma Jewellery is contains specialized energizing garnet by Aura-Soma chairman Mike Booth (UK). This garnet is empower the other crystals and gems and bring the greater good of people who wear the jewellery.

The cutting of stone are very unique and designed to bring more light and more than 100 design has the special meaning one by one. This only one custom jewellery is called * mobile therapist which is always with you and support you.