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Aura-Soma®+ Kundalini Yoga with Theiael Yoshie & Sita Pavan - Super New moon event on 29

Aura-Soma®+ Kundalini Yoga with Theiael Yoshie & Sita Pavan - Super New moon event on 29th Sep 14pm-17pm(Sun)

Clarify + Elevate

Aura-Soma + Kundalini Yoga

with Theiael Yoshie & Sita Pavan


What does it take to walk the best evolution of yourself? How do you build yourself up so you keep up every day.

Experience an energetic, expansive and intuitive afternoon with Aura-Soma and Kundalini Yoga.

Yoshie and Sita Pavan harness the power of energy medicine and Super New Moon vibes to help you clarify and elevate your internal dialogue as we prepare to cross the threshold into 2020.

Aura-Soma is a high vibrational system of color, crystal and plant energies designed to empower and bring equilibrium. Kundalini Yoga impacts the glandular and nervous system to quickly cultivate vitality and clarity. The two practices strengthen the aura so our radiance becomes a magnet for abundance.

The three-hour workshop includes a personal reading to help you clarify your life’s vision, and active breath and movement to upgrade your internal structure so you are inspired to live your most creative life.

Date: September 29, Sunday, 2 – 5pm.

Place: The 1 Space, 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, #02-13A, Singapore 168976.

Fee: $103.62 The workshop comes with Aura-Soma *"Pomander Atomiser Vials"

*Pomanders cleanse, refresh, protect and strengthen the electromagnetic field

surrounding the physical body.

☆All are welcome. No prior yoga experience required.

☆Please arrive 10 minutes early to register.

☆Wear comfortable clothing in natural fibers (cotton, linen and bamboo for example).

☆Bring your own water bottle and scarf to cover yourself during relaxation.

Space is limited. Register now for elevated conscious living!

Theiael Yoshie & Sita Pavan

Tickets ⬇️

HP : Sita Pavan

HP : Theiael Yoshie

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