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Oct 26-29th-The 72 Angels of the Kabbalah and Aura-Soma®Part1 Special course in Singapore

The 72Angels of the Kabbalah and

Aura-Soma®Part1 4 days with Special Teacher Kelvin & Theia-el

This four day course is an introduction to the 72 Angels and the Aura-Soma system. It is one of the new revelations, another key aspect of the Aura-Soma system at this point in time, although a possibility of this was felt in the early 1990s when the birth of the Equilibrium bottles in relation to the Tree of Life took place.

The connection between the names of the 72 Angels and the bottles began to become clear around 2005. 72 sacred names in Hebrew are expressed in three letter sounds which accord and emanate with specific angelic energies.

Each of the 72 angelic energies has their own name, quality and function as well as being governed by particular days and times, giving personal relevance to each person who works with them, based on the date and time of birth.

Hebrew words, Hebrew pronunciation and their significance in relation to a language of light.

Aura means light, Soma means body – Aura-Soma, the light body.

In this course we explore their associations through colours, numerology and vibration, how they interface and work together towards building the body of light The nature of the work with the 72 angels is about invoking the angelic or the Light Body in a more tangible form; a direct correlation between the bottles and angelic realm, Hebrew is sometimes seen as a language of light.

Another important aspect of this course is to explore a relationship between your Incarnational Angel, Heart Angel, and Intellect Angeles and the Three Stars, how this relates to your mission and purpose (soul) bottle and also to the greatest gift and challenge bottle.

There will be plenty of practical sessions of how to work with relevant angelic energies, which will be a focus for each day of the course.

Please apply this now -

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Aura-Soma 72 Angel Teacher : Kelvin & Yoshie

October 26-29th (Sat-Tue) 10:30 -17:30

Course Fee : $1000 SGD ( PDF Text, Certificate are included)

Anyone can join (No required Level)

Venue: Beach Road / The Plaza

26th,27th,28th (NOT 29th) - able to join separately 300SGD/ Per day. but no certificate from Academy.

Working with 72 Angels is a truly transformational process, by helping ourselves alchemically change the substance of being, consciousness, a transformational process, in accord with our light-body “Aura-Soma”, an aid to making this conscious.

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