Coming this weekend⭐️AURA-SOMA® Customized Resonance Bracelet workshop in Singapore -February 16-17

【Aura-Soma Resonance Bracelet.】

Would you like to join us to create your very own unique bracelet?

Resonance Bracelet is made of natural power stone and resonates with the person who wears it when you swing Energizing Garnet in the silver parts around your ear. Resonance Bracelet exclusively supports the person who wears it, and is dubbed “Mobile Therapist” that brings out your value.

This Energizing garnet is called “Mobile Therapist”

Energizing garnet is called “Mobile Therapist”, always being with you and brings out the very best of your own self.

By swinging the energizing garnet studded inside the bracelet at your ear,

the bracelet resonates with your energy.


create your very own unique bracelet



You can choose one among 118 AURA-SOMA bottles that attracts you the most as your inner colour ,

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