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“ You are the colors your choose and these reflect the being’s needs "

- Vicky Wall -  


Vicky who is the innovator of Aura-Soma® was found of saying that 

    “The greater guide is within you”  

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①AURA-SOMA Choose 4 bottles Consultation

including a 50ml Equilibrium Bottle (S$88)

to take home and use

Special Offer S$180

”You are the color you choose” Aura-Soma color care system consultation.

Choose 4bottles and looking at deeper unconscious level with matrix. 

(1) Mission &Purpose (2) Gift & Talent (3) Here & Now (4)Future      

Consultation Duration: 75-90min. 

By using the Aura-Soma products that your being needs, you re-balance your energy and heal yourself. This is the opportunity to open  the door for greater awareness and transformation. 

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②72 Angels and Kabalah + 4 Bottles Consultation ① including 50ml Bottle (S$88) Gift 

Special Offer S$250 

72Angels and Kabalah + 4 bottles consultation.

72 Angels of the Kabbalah and Aura-Soma® Colour System Find the Guardian Angel, Heart Angel and Intellect Angel that are guiding you through this lifetime. You will learn how to invoke the energy of your 3 angels - your guardian angel, your heart angel and your intellect angel. Clients have found their lives change for the better as they invite these angelic energies into their lives.

During the consultation you will choose 4 Aura-Soma bottles which are reflecting energies present in your life and will be shown how the angelic energies of your Birth Angels can support you.


Golden Thread -Tree of life Consultation

S$300 including 50ml 2Bottle (S$80x2) Gift

When we choose the  Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle, they actually relate Tree of life and we can see a deeper level of our state of consciousness. There are lots of hidden storied from your chosen bottle, and this consultation offers a significant relevance and potential for self-understanding and self-realization.  If you use the bottles from this Golden thread, you may transform different levels from the current situation.  It may be better to take this after taking ① 4bottles or ②72Angels consultation.

Beamer Lighten category photo.jpg

④Beamer lightpen session 75min S$150

(*On-Line available   60 min S$150)

Aura-Soma’s dual-colored liquids from the Equilibrium bottles, containing color, plant and crystal energies, have been poured into slender glass vials which are then inserted into a flashlight pen.

  • It is perfect for Colorpunturists and other Energy Workers wanting to add a powerful tool of color and light together for clearing, alignment, balancing and energy work trough “bathing in light”.

  • This bright and colored beam is conveyed through the direct use of light and applied in specific areas of the physical body and subtle bodies.

  • with 4 bottles consultation is highly recommended. Special Price: $250 including one bottle as gift 2.5hrs

Fortune teller woman and a blue tarot cards over white wooden table background..jpg

⑤Tarot & Oracle card Reading (online only)

60min $150, 90min $200

A Tarot & Oracle card is like a mirror to show your inner feeling, subconscious mind, direction, toward promising opportunities, your relationship, carrier ..etc  

I am guiding and finding out your best solution at this moment based on the messages from the card.


In the end, you can choose one Oracle card. The message 

is telling the advice  though higher-self and Angelic being 

⑥All Integrated- Premium Healing & Spiritual Treatment

(Devine Love&Light) About 3Hours / S$500

スクリーンショット 2022-07-21 午後5.35.15.png

Including a 50ml Equilibrium bottle (S$80)

to take home and use.

4Bottles Consultation + Crystal, Reiki Healing+beamerlight Pen+Transit and Natal Astrology reading+ Oracle card message. 

Starting Aura-Soma 4 bottles consultation that allows you to access your own inner wisdom and assists you to communicate with yourself on the soul level. After - give you the message from Astrology and Oracle card.

The next step is Crystal Healing with Reiki. It is helpful for the transformation of negative or dis-ease energies into positive energies and health.

*Using Pomander, Quintessence, Air Conditioner to protect and energize your Aura.

*once a month, every 2-3months. any Special day, Feeling detox and cleansing your energy

*Wonderful gift for yourself, your family, and friends.


⑦Horoscope/ Astorology Reading

To discover who you are and understand more deepest goal, your strengths and skills, carrier, relationship, personality, and your soul mission.

☆60 mins $150


90min Horoscope with Transit and Progression Chart reading

$250  - is including the current planet and person's evolution and to predicts your near future event.

with Aura-Soma Consultation - will be discount.


Usui-shiki REIKI healing 75min Session $150

(Physical, Mental, and Emotional healing for distant people. Place) Depending on the condition,


Online / Face to Face

  I Hour Reiki Healing  S$150 / person + 15min Counseling

If you want to combine Aura-Soma Consultation (4bottles)

There is a special discount of $300  (face-to-face only )

total 2hours. ( one bottle gift)


with Aura-Soma 72Angels and Kabalah consultation - $350

⑨PREMIUM Usui-shiki REIKI Distance healing 21days S$1000 / person , 3months $2100

(Physical, Mental, and Emotional healing for distant people. Place) Depends on the condition, term Please feel free to ask. Recommendation to continue 21days S$1000 / person

Other healing sessions - Please see the Energy Healing page.  Energy Healing & Empowerment session is highly recommend.

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