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Aura-Soma® Pomander Air Conditioner

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The Aura-Soma Pomander Air Conditioners are energetic space clearing air fresheners which have the potential to improve and enhance the energies of the spaces we live and work in. Each Air Conditioner contains its own special blend of herbal extracts, essential oils and crystal energies all harmoniously blended to bring you divine support and harmony in your everyday life.

When sprayed into your space they release the positive energies of their own special ray to empower, refresh and transform your environment.

The scent of each air conditioner is different: some are light and uplifting and others warm and nurturing.  


Their scent comes from the careful blending of pure essential oils which are organically and bio-dynamically sourced wherever possible.  These ingredients are presented in special violet glass bottles which protect them from light.

Working subtly on the spaces you live and work in, the Air Conditioners can be used for clearing old energies and invoking the energies you want to bring harmony and balance into your everyday life. 


These Air Conditioners are much more than just a nice scent and are suitable for all. Their subtle effect can bring relief after a hard day's work creating a sense of space, peace, and calm and have the potential to bring inspiration for new projects, uplifting your spirits and the sense of fun and joy.

There are 36 varieties of Aura-Soma Pomander Air Conditioners available, each in 100ml bottle whilst 10 of these have been specially selected to be available in handy 20ml bottles. We suggest to select a Pomander Air Conditioner based on its colour energy, supportive qualities or to complement a personal Pomander or other Aura-Soma products you may be currently using.

How to Use:

The Aura-Soma Pomander Air Conditioners are powerful in action.  2-3 sprays per room is sufficient to change and invoke new energies.  It is not a matter of saturating the room with the scent however tempting but rather to feel and recognise the subtle energy shifts. Very difficult energies may need repeated spraying over several hours to assist a complete energy shift.  Repeat every 2-3 hours as required or desired.

These products are for external use only and should not be used on polished/painted surfaces or used near naked flames.

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