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Aura-Soma® Inner Alchemy Bottles

[ The Inner Alchemy Set evolved from the core of Aura-Soma, the Equilibrium bottles. It bought itself to our awareness by changing from the original colours. It seemed that one bottle took over the appearance of another, the next one created its own colour combination, some went pale completely, and others shimmered in warm brilliance. Its arrival confirmed the Aura-Soma view that it is often the bottles with the most intense and visible changes that bring the most important insights. It may be that the inner Alchemy set calls to you, to dance with your soul, to meet the shadow that loves you or to be quiet enough to catch a reflection of that energy. If it calls you - use it and be open to the possibility of further changes within the Set. ]

Price is Singapore dollar  /  価格はシンガポールドルです

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