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Inner Alchemy Bottle A2 - Amber/Bronze


    Inner Alchemy | 50ml Glass Bottle


    Lord of the Dance, Bliss of Completion and New Beginnings, the spiral of creation, Aurora Borealis, Spiral Motion of all Existence; the Rainbow Serpent, Caduceus, Sunflowers, DNA, and a sense of completion and celebration, harvesting, fruit from our inner soil on the soul’s journey.


    How to Use:  To release Equilibrium’s energies, shake the bottle vigorously in your left hand until the two liquid fractions mix together. Pour some of the liquid into your right palm and rub it on your skin in the band(s) around your body that correspond to the colour(s) in your Bottle. The level of the band is indicated on the rainbow figure below. Ideal to use morning and night or as you feel appropriate.


Equilibrium 50ml