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ArchAngeloi Chamael

  • Product Info

    ArchAngeloi Chamael enhances our sense of caring in what we do. Assists in breaking the barriers of preferred activity.



  • How to Apply / アークエンジェロイの使い方

    The ArchAngeloi come in a spray dispense. Use of the ArchAngeloi may help to stimulate memory of the seeds and potentials, previously imprinted, to enhance recall of what was intended for us. They need to be treated with respect as the sacred essences that they are. You only need a little of the ArchAngeloi so remember to use sparingly!


    After you have selected your ArchAngeloi, stand with left arm outstretched as though giving away, holding the ArchAngeloi spray in the right hand.


    Press one short squirt over the left shoulder/upper arm, one short squirt above the crown and one over the right shoulder/upper arm.


    Begin to wrap your arms around you as in the Quintessence sequence passing through the energy centres, crown, third eye, throat and heart.


    Rest at the heart as you embrace the Archangel of your choice.


    In a bending motion, take the essence directly to the Earth and offer it to her.


    Bring the hands up and cross them at the heart as you once again embrace the ArchAngeloi, feeling into your energy field for what is happening.


    After receiving the ArchAngeloi energies and distributing them around you, giving time for them to circulate in the field, it is beneficial to take some time to be still to allow the workings of it in the fields around the physical body. Therefore it is very good to use before going into meditation or inner contemplation.





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