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Blue Colour Essence

  • Product Info

    Blue - Provides peace and a nurturing energy that may bring clarity.



    Borage - Opens the heart and draws love to us by teaching us trust. Why do so many women need Borage aid today? A mood stabiliser it encourages healing and trust in the natural order of life.



    Walnut - Enables us to voice our own feelings in a calm and measured way. Helps us to connect with who we "really are."


    Mulberry - Connected to the silkworm which feeds from this plant. The chrysalis of the silkworm is safe and protected in its cocoon. The Mulberry offers peace, nurturing, protection and stillness in the midst of activity.



    Sapphire - Enhances creativity, inspired thoughts, faith and peace of mind. Sparkling insight. Contentment.


    Lava - Lies within the core of the earth and spirals to the surface as molten fire. A mineral closely associated with the breath of life, Lava is Gaia's outbreath. Depth, intensity, change. The fire at the core of your being, awakened by the breath as it touches the star you are, two fingers width above the naval and two fingers width inside. American Indians say Lava is good for the soul, aiding in the emotional and spiritual process of terminal illness and death. Introduces the possibility to practice letting go and being reborn on each breath, its roughness cleanses and calms.


    General Effect

    Offers peace and a nurturing energy, which can lead to creative insight and clarity. The breath carried on the blue leads to the depth of the being.



    Stillness and peace surround and protect me.

    Out of stillness insight flows.




  • How to Use Color Essences

    The Colour Essences can be used in the bath or placed on the pulse points of your wrists or temples throughout the day whenever your colour energies need a top up.


Equilibrium 50ml