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Coral Colour Essence

  • Product Info

    Coral - Strengthening our psyche, encouraging community and openness.



    Strawberry - For grounding and energy. Helps to create productive communities. Enhances the emotional activity, expands the awareness of feeling.



    Mullberry - To make our cocoon more conscious. Strengthens and nurtures our auric field. Our uniqueness is a gift to existence. Helps to release the fear of separation.



    Desert Rose - To know our own inner beauty without needing anyone else for recognition. To help us to be more gentle and compassionate with ourselves.



    Coral - Hard exterior, soft interior. Living in community. The hard is released maintaining that structure necessary for survival. The soft is open for warmth and caring in personal or community sharing. Fear versus love, coral helps us release fear. Direct communication and networking.


    General Effect

    Strengthening to the psyche, giving a grateful recognition of the value of community. Helps us to feel our self worth. There is far greater protection and wellbeing in openness and sharing than in stress and contraction. Develops co-operation, compromise and interdependence on each others unique gifts. Balances all the chakras because with less fear all energy flows more smoothly. Awakening to qualities we didn't know we had.



    My star and your star are one star.

    There is but one light within.



    All - especially 1 and 2

  • How to Use Color Essences

    The Colour Essences can be used in the bath or placed on the pulse points of your wrists or temples throughout the day whenever your colour energies need a top up.


Equilibrium 50ml