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Green Colour Essence

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    Green - Supports the manifestation of love in concrete activity.



    Russian Ivy - Strengthens inner resourcefulness. A symbol for the Labyrinth, finding the inner direction. Persistence against the odds. Helpful when time is short, to help with direction and decision making. Accelerated growth.



    Oak (Dur) - The central tree in the Druid calendar. A symbol of endurance, strength, leadership and spring regeneration. The acorn also traditionally represents our inner essence or singularity and our potential for transformation. A master rebalancer.



    Emerald - Helps to bring balance and harmony by connecting us to our feelings of love. To communicate confusion but also truth within that, helps to clarify direction. Brings clarity to the feelings, connecting heart and mind with our inner light. To bring in panoramic awareness. Being able to see many aspects of a situation more clearly.



    Sulphur - Helpful for protection from invasive energies, maintaining our space. Clearing and purifying.


    Jade - For birthing and stamina because of the calm it brings, it is said to aid a long, strong life. Opens the heart and offers creativity, especially enhancing musical ability. The Chinese talk of wisdom of the heart in relation to Jade.


    General Effect

    Love manifest in concrete activity. Helps us to give ourselves the time, space and direction we need and respecting that in others too.



    All I do, I do with love.

    Caring and warmth are my intention.



    4, plus 1, 5 and 8

  • How to Use Color Essences

    The Colour Essences can be used in the bath or placed on the pulse points of your wrists or temples throughout the day whenever your colour energies need a top up.


Equilibrium 50ml