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Quintessence Air Conditioner - Djwal Khul ジュワルクール

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    Service from the heart


    Emerald Green

    The Djwal Khul Quintessence can help us to create balance and harmony within the subtle bodies. The quintessence offers us the possibility to make the inner more conscious and the outer more full of meaning and purpose, as its patterns unfold themselves to our greater conscious intent for respect, awe and caring.


    Djwal Khul, is the youngest of the Masters, and the most ardent of seekers. He is D.K. the Tibetan in the writings of Alice Bailey, who helped usher in the new Psychology. The energetic signature of this Quintessence is at one with those who strive for their own space. As such, one will be opened to an understanding of the rhythms, the laws, and the patterns in nature.


    Djwal Khul aids in bringing balance between the intuition, the intellect and the more subtle bodies, being particularly useful when a grounded point of view is required. For people with fear issues of claustrophobia or other phobias this will stimulate clarity and caring for themselves by helping to create the time and space they need. For those seeking truth, knowledge or a "fresh start", this is the Quintessence to meditate with and work with energetically.


    [ ジュアルクール]探求のマスター


    ハートに従い、マインドにバランスをとります。特に私たちがグラウンディングした物の見方が必要な時に有益です。客観的真実や知識、‘ 新たなスタート‘ を探求するなら、このクイントエッセンスを使って瞑想したり、エネルギー的にワークをしたりすることができます。 また、占星術と天文学のより高い側面に同調することを可能にします。


    Please refer Quintessence - Djwal Khul ジュワルクール for further information.

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