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Resonance Bracelet - 1st Chakra Smoky Quartz, with SV925 Energizing Garnet


    Smoky Quartz is said to have the greatest power among all crystals to connect body to the ground. Smoky Quartz stabilizes body and soul, and dissipates fear and anxiety. Garnet is said to have a powerful energizing effect. Garnet revitalizes, purifies and balances your body and soul, and gives you calm or passion as necessary.


    M-size: 15.5-16.5cm / L-size: 17.5-18.5cm


    第1チャクラ スモーキークオーツ

    スモーキークオーツは、水晶の中で最も、身体と大地を繋げる力に適した石と言われています。 心身を安定させ、恐怖や不安を解消するのに役立つと言われています。

Equilibrium 50ml