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Violet Colour Essence

  • Product Info

    Violet - Wellbeing and greater understanding of new insights.



    Pansy - Useful to calm vivid dreams. Can also help self control by developing insights and thus choice.



    Mistletoe - Helps to create a closer understanding of more subtle energies, enabling us to connect with our own mystery, a recognition beyond ego and mind.



    Amethyst - Helps us connect with our aspiring side and bringing this into service for mankind, grounding one's mission and purpose. Develops courage and good judgement, making aspiration practical and helping us to honour the mystery. Develops our ability to hear the still small voice within.



    Cobalt - Helps to open and balance the seventh chakra and to feel connected with the universe. At the same time it firmly grounds us in our gifts and potential.


    General Effect

    Healing and service through greater understanding and new insight, as we begin to hear the still small voice within.



    I serve life and life serves me.

    In this peace, being is.




  • How to Use Color Essences

    The Colour Essences can be used in the bath or placed on the pulse points of your wrists or temples throughout the day whenever your colour energies need a top up.


Equilibrium 50ml