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Vol2 - Mike’s Further Thoughts Aura-Soma New bottle / Queen Mab B116 - Royal Blue / Ma

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We are delighted to share this news from Mike’s Further Thoughts with you.

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B116 - Queen Mab Mike’s Further Thoughts

Behold the chariot of the Fairy Queen!

Celestial coursers paw the unyielding air;

Their filmy pennons at her word they furl,

And stop obedient to the reins of light:

These the Queen of Spells drew in,

She spread a charm around the spot,

And leaning graceful from the ethereal car,

‘Behold the chariot of the Fairy Queen!’ we could see this as a direct connection with Oberon and Titania, from the Aura-Soma point of view the return journey of the 7 being the 85, the final test of faith and how it is critical in this time that humanity awakens to the fairy realm, the ethereal web of the planet. What Percy Bysshe affirms with, ‘And stop obedient to the reins of light: These the Queen of Spells drew in’, is like Queen Mab asking us now, 200 years later, to look at where we’ve lost touch with nature, where we’ve lost touch with the spirit within nature, that we’ve lost the light filaments within which we operate - not being nurtured in the way in which they should. The idea of the ethereal vehicle, ‘the ethereal car’ is also profound in relation to the bottle. If we develop our light body and work on the potential healing of the inner child then our inner child is the one that has the opportunity to connect with the etheric web, the light field and the fairy realm. It is important in relation to the future of the planet, that that reconnection is made

I am the Fairy MAB: to me ’tis given

The wonders of the human world to keep:

The secrets of the immeasurable past,

In the unfailing consciences of men,

Those stern, unflattering chroniclers, I find:

The future, from the causes which arise

In each event, I gather: not the sting

Which retributive memory implants

In the hard bosom of the selfish man;

In other words the consequence of what we’ve received ancestrally is what it is that we need to face in terms of making a change for ourselves, this bottle asks us to penetrate our ancestral roots in relation to the genetic codes within which we find ourselves but not from a judgemental point of view, we can see these challenges as gifts and opportunities for growth. Using the compost analogy, to be able to grow a strong and healthy plant with a strong immune system, we need to be able to assess the past situation in a positive way to be able to move forwards.

The thoughts and actions of a well-spent day,

Are unforeseen, unregistered by me:

The thoughts and actions of a well-spent day,

Are unforeseen, unregistered by me:

And it is yet permitted me, to rend

The veil of mortal frailty, that the spirit

Clothed in its changeless purity, may know

When we put the care and the attention in to whatever it is that we do, we are able to really make a difference to the emergence of the light from within and how the light body develops.

The chariot's fiery track,

And the grey light of morn

Tinging those fleecy clouds

That canopied the dawn.

Seemed it, that the chariot's way

Lay through the midst of an immense concave,

Radiant with million constellations, tinged

With shades of infinite colour,

And semicircled with a belt

Flashing incessant meteors.

Again referring to that sense of connection with Oberon and Titania: the fiery chariot, even when we’re in the intermediate world, the world of feelings between the unconscious tendencies and what’s more conscious within ourselves, there’s the possibility of the new dawn to come about, the interface between the feeling and the being and it’s there that we find all of the bottles. ‘The infinite colour’, the shades within all the myriad of colours and can identify the nature of our very own consciousness. Queen Mab is pointing us towards looking deeper into our soul journeys to be able to come to an understanding of our soul nature.

The magic car moved on.

As they approached their goal

The coursers seemed to gather speed;

The sea no longer was distinguished; earth

Between what’s conscious and what’s unconscious there is this interface that we talk about with Vicky’s bottle, B5, Yellow/Red: the interface between the feeling being and the instinctual being.

Extracts from ‘Queen Mab, Canto II’

When those far clouds of feathery gold,

Shaded with deepest purple, gleam

Like islands on a dark blue sea;

The ‘dark blue sea’ signifies to me the Royal Blue in the upper fraction of the bottle.

Then has thy fancy soared above the earth,

And furled its wearied wing

Within the Fairy's fane.

Through the Royal Blue/Gold connection we make the interface between the feeling being and the instinctual being and we can get the perception of what’s above us. The opportunity of this bottle, this understanding of Queen Mab, laid out very clearly by Percy Bysshe Shelley, is the possibility of connection with the subtle realms.

Yet not the golden islands

Gleaming in yon flood of light,

These islands, these senses of illumination or light that we may gain are a fraction of the full understanding. The extent of consciousness is not limited to the desire of just the light it’s also all that brings us to the understanding of the whole picture, the whole perspective that we’re offered. Queen Mab is healing the possibility of craving for enlightenment, the craving for being perfect, islands in the oceans of consciousness. The opportunity we have with Queen Mab is to integrate our awareness and lack of awareness; they are not so different in the field of consciousness, to integrate that possibility, to not be judgemental with ourselves whilst it is that we’re on this journey.

Nor the feathery curtains

Stretching o’er the sun’s bright couch,

Nor the burnished ocean waves

Paving that gorgeous dome,

So fair, so wonderful a sight

As Mab’s ethereal palace could afford.

This clear blue sky of mind, ‘that gorgeous dome’, where it is that we can find the clarity of perception through the Royal Blue to be able to see the nature of mind behind the clouds of thoughts or feelings and to really come to our being in relation to the oneness with all that is. It’s a possibility and it’s described, ‘as Mab’s ethereal palace could afford’ it’s how it is that this bottle points in the direction that the inner child, and also something that extends beyond the inner child towards that sense of being at the edge of the cliff facing the unknown with a sense of confidence of the support because the light body is unchanging.

Learn to make others happy. Spirit, come!

This is thine high reward:—the past shall rise;

Thou shalt behold the present; I will teach

The secrets of the future.

The Fairy and the Spirit

Approached the overhanging battlement.—

It’s not our own happiness that’s important per se it’s also what it is we can do for another, as we move through the world the contribution we can make for others, if we do so there’s a recognition of happiness within ourselves; it helps us to overcome where we’ve identified with less than the best of ourselves. The only validity we can offer is when we bring a little happiness, a little joy to another. Percy Bysshe Shelley describes this as one the secrets for the future. As we get closer to the understanding of the spirit realm, the spirit in nature and how it is that that grows it brings us to a place where we can meet our own happiness, and deepen our own sense of connectivity with the being of the Earth.

How wonderful! that even

The passions, prejudices, interests,

That sway the meanest being, the weak touch

That moves the finest nerve,

And in one human brain

Causes the faintest thought, becomes a link

In the great chain of nature.

All our passions, prejudices, interests, where we get so identified, this is who I am, this is representing me, do they really have meaning in relation to who we are in terms of the development of the light body to be more conscious beings, to be more awake in the world? Not really, the identification with the vehemence of our prejudice is not where we’re going to find light or where we find the truth for ourselves, nor where it is that happiness really lies.

Behold! where pleasure smiled;

What now remains?—the memory

Of senselessness and shame—

What is immortal there?

Nothing—it stands to tell

A melancholy tale, to give

An awful warning: soon

Oblivion will steal silently

The remnant of its fame.

Let’s not be concerned with the identity we put into what we do but bring the attention through that Magenta energy in to how we do what we do, that qualitative shift takes away the importance of how it is that fame or importance of identity in what we do are shallow relative to the quality that we bring to whatever it is that we do. Extracts from ‘Queen Mab, Canto III’

FAIRY! the Spirit said,

And on the Queen of Spells

Fixed her ethereal eyes,

I thank thee. Thou hast given

A boon which I will not resign, and taught

A lesson not to be unlearned. I know

The past, and thence I will essay to glean

A warning for the future, so that man

May profit by his errors, and derive

Percy Bysshe Shelley recognised how man moves away and has moved away from the spirit of nature, how Queen Mab needs to be recalled, the Queen of the Fairy realm, the sense that spirit in nature needs to be recalled, otherwise, even in his time he recognised that true positive shifts cannot come about. What makes man great and what makes him stupid in the context of the preparation for the loftiness of our soul.


Turn thee, surpassing Spirit!

Much yet remains unscanned.

Thou knowest how great is man,

Thou knowest his imbecility:

Yet learn thou what he is;

Yet learn the lofty destiny

Which restless time prepares

For every living soul.

An aspect of the Royal Blue is that which we don’t see as well as what we can. We can be blind to what’s directly in front of us and unable to see the solution rather than all of the problems that we face. Each life is only a blink in the life of the soul. Let’s not be in such a hurry to everything in this life, let’s just do the best we can moment to moment, let’s be in touch with the spirit in nature, through what it is that we prepare and perceive so that then it is through that care and attention there’s the possibility, there’s little incremental steps that can be made in the life of the soul.

As if transgressing our soul, our happiness, our ability to do good in cooperation was punished in the natural order of the Earth, such an example or how devas work on behalf of the soul.

His slumbers are but varied agonies,

They prey like scorpions on the springs of life.

There needeth not the hell that bigots frame

To punish those who err: earth in itself

Contains at once the evil and the cure;

And all-sufficing nature can chastise

Those who transgress her law,—she only knows

How justly to proportion to the fault

The punishment it merits.

This again is about that being too opinionated towards what it is and not being open to see the point of view of another. Nature’s law, what it is that we’re also looking at with Queen Mab, where do we transgress these laws with ourselves. One of his biggest treaties as an author, as a poet, that was really out there at the time was his treaties on vegetarianism, how it was that he really wanted to put it out there that eating meat was not something that was important for human beings. I really recommend that anyone who wants to look into a deep understanding of the moral and ecological and almost socio-political view for vegetarian read his treaties on vegetarianism.

Revenge, and murder…And when reason's voice,

Loud as the voice of nature, shall have waked

The nations; and mankind perceive that vice

Is discord, war, and misery; that virtue

Is peace, and happiness, and harmony;

When man’s maturer nature shall disdain

The playthings of its childhood;—kingly glare

Will lose its power to dazzle; its authority

It’s almost like to me, pointing towards the time that we’re in, do we choose that situation of conflict and do we choose that situation which is all that we see manifesting on the world stage at the moment or do we choose the possibility of peace and harmony. Where does that start? Surely it has to start within ourselves, that deep Blue, that bright Magenta, pointing towards the healing possibility of how it is that we might find that deeper sense of peace, that love within ourselves that suspends the judgment that we make on all sorts of things.

For the Mayan interpretation of B116, please click here

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