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3 Series: Your Inner Universe, Rainbow, Radiance 🌟 30 Jun, 18 Aug & 15th Sep 2024

Announcing an Exclusive 3-Part Workshop Series: Your Inner Universe, Rainbow, Radiance 🌟

Dates: 30 June, 18 August, 15 September 2024

✨ Join us for the Art Healing Workshop Series

Dive into a transformative journey with our special workshops at the spacial Gallery :

3 series Workshop - Your Inner Universe, Rainbow, Radiance💫 30 June, 18 Aug, 15th Sep 2024

✨ Introducing Art Healing Workshop Series by Yoshie (THEIA-EL)


#1 Your Inner Universe: Planets, Colors & Crystal Sound Healing on 30th June


✨Introduction to Celestial Color Therapy

✨Cosmic Realms Meditation & Visualization

✨Planetary Influences with Tuning Forks

✨Crystal & Planetary Sound Healing

✨Planet Oracle Card Divine Messages


P.s. evening time 7-9pm

#2 Your Inner Rainbow: 7 Chakra Colors, Crystal Bowls Sound Bath & Artwork

on18th Aug

#2 Your Inner Rainbow: 7 Chakra Colors, Crystal Bowls Sound Bath & Artwork


✨Introduction to 7 Chakras in Our Body

✨Connection with Energy of Each Chakra through Chakra Crystals

✨Aura Self-Image Drawing & Energy Field Exploration

✨Crystal Bowls Sound Bath & Chakra Healing

✨Reflection & Integration with Gallery Artworks

#3 Your Inner Radiance: Aura-Soma, Crystal Sound Healing & Oracle Cards

on 15th September


✨Energy Field Meditation with Pomander

✨Introduction to Aura-Soma Color Therapy

✨Connection with Life’s Purpose Through Aura-Soma

✨Deep Crystal Bowls Sound Healing

✨Oracle Divine Message & Crystal Cards


✨ Introducing Art Healing Workshop Series by Yoshie (THEIA-El) / Your Inner Universe🎐 | Rainbow🌈 | Radiance💫


🎨 Held during three different art exhibitions at JW Projects

❤️ Healing your entire third quarter


Bundle Rate for Series: SGD 360/pax (3 points for VIP Club)

Single Session: SGD 168/pax

2 Guests Signing up for Single Session: SGD 138/pax


Several spots have already been taken even before the posters are out!

Seats are very limited, first come, first served~

Register : WhatsApp 90296313 or WeChat Coach_Cen

Note: If you are unable to attend a session due to unforeseen circumstances, please transfer your ticket to a friend in advance. We can also assist in finding a replacement. If the transfer is not successful, you may choose to attend any future event. You will either top up or be refunded the difference between the rate you paid and the original price of the future event.


This series is co-hosted by Other Options Healing and JW Projects. We are excited to return to this beautiful space and collaborate once again!

Instagram: @OtherOptionsHealing @JWProjects

THEIA-El : aurasoma.singapore / theiael-yoshie

We look forward to welcoming you to these enriching workshops. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to reserve your spot. We can't wait to hear from you and share this incredible experience together!


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