2019 Nov 24 & 25 (Sun & Mon) THEIA-EL & RAY Aura-Soma® Jewellery Festa in Tokyo 〜beyond

You are cordially invited to join

Aura-Soma Jewellery Event

2019 November 24 & 25th (Sun & Mon) in Tokyo,

the first collaboration between THEIA-EL & Ray.

2019 Aura--Soma Jewellery Event 2019 November 24&25th (Sun&Mon) in Tokyo.

2020 is going to be a very special year and transition period. The key element is that we should not be afraid of changing. We are living in the Aquarius era now and we should try to open our consciousness to the incoming world.

What I mean by "beyond world" is not only the physical location, but also our inner world or current situation. Aura-Soma system and crystals are based on ancient wisdom and spiritual knowledge to support us toward the greater good, healing us and helping our dreams to come true.

Would you like to customize your own jewellery with your soul color and new intentions of what you really want to be?

Aura-Soma Jewellery contains energized garnet by Aura-Soma chairman Mike Booth (UK). These garnets are empowering the other crystals and gems to bring the greater good of people who wear the jewellery.

The cutting of stone is very unique and designed to bring more light with more than 100 designs with individual meaning. This customized jewellery is called "mobile therapist" as it is always with you and support you to achieve your dreams.

Each model carries a different meaning.

The gemstones are related to your soul colors to bring your greater good.

All jewellery contains energized garnet to empower the other crystals and gems to bring the greater good of people who wear the jewellery.

The cutting are very special and unique techniques.

The light is more coming to your Self.

What is Aura-Soma colour care system?

Aura-Soma is a non- intrusive, self-selective soul support which works in accord with highest intent and greater good based on the equilibrium bottles that people choose. The bottles were created in 1983 by Vicky, which contains the energies of natural colours, biodynamic plants and herbs, as well as crystals and gems which have thousands of years memory to support the evolution of our soul consciousness towards our deepest potential.

After Vicky passed away, Mike Booth became principal of the Aura-Soma Academy and inspirational teacher, dedicated to expanding global awareness and education on the benefits of colour.