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2019 Nov 24 & 25 (Sun & Mon) THEIA-EL & RAY Aura-Soma® Jewellery Festa in Tokyo 〜beyond

You are cordially invited to join

Aura-Soma Jewellery Event

2019 November 24 & 25th (Sun & Mon) in Tokyo,

the first collaboration between THEIA-EL & Ray.

2019 Aura--Soma Jewellery Event 2019 November 24&25th (Sun&Mon) in Tokyo.

2020 is going to be a very special year and transition period. The key element is that we should not be afraid of changing. We are living in the Aquarius era now and we should try to open our consciousness to the incoming world.

What I mean by "beyond world" is not only the physical location, but also our inner world or current situation. Aura-Soma system and crystals are based on ancient wisdom and spiritual knowledge to support us toward the greater good, healing us and helping our dreams to come true.

Would you like to customize your own jewellery with your soul color and new intentions of what you really want to be?

Aura-Soma Jewellery contains energized garnet by Aura-Soma chairman Mike Booth (UK). These garnets are empowering the other crystals and gems to bring the greater good of people who wear the jewellery.

The cutting of stone is very unique and designed to bring more light with more than 100 designs with individual meaning. This customized jewellery is called "mobile therapist" as it is always with you and support you to achieve your dreams.

Each model carries a different meaning.

The gemstones are related to your soul colors to bring your greater good.

All jewellery contains energized garnet to empower the other crystals and gems to bring the greater good of people who wear the jewellery.

The cutting are very special and unique techniques.

The light is more coming to your Self.

What is Aura-Soma colour care system?

Aura-Soma is a non- intrusive, self-selective soul support which works in accord with highest intent and greater good based on the equilibrium bottles that people choose. The bottles were created in 1983 by Vicky, which contains the energies of natural colours, biodynamic plants and herbs, as well as crystals and gems which have thousands of years memory to support the evolution of our soul consciousness towards our deepest potential.

After Vicky passed away, Mike Booth became principal of the Aura-Soma Academy and inspirational teacher, dedicated to expanding global awareness and education on the benefits of colour.

The event will be divided into 4 steps

1. Choose 4 bottles from more than 100 colour bottles (equilibrium) during consultation with THEIA EL / Yoshie to find out what is your mission & purpose in life, your great gift & talent, here and now situation, and near future vision.

2. Select the final special bottle which brings your greater good. This will work for your subconscious mind level too. "You are the colour you chose and these are reflected your being needs."

3. The jewellery will be customized for you. We will help you to finalize the details.

4.The Jewellery will be hand-crafted by a world class artisan in Japan. It will take about 40 days to complete. You will be able to receive it in 2020 Jan. It would be wonderful new beginning of the new year.

Yoshie Ajioka-Pace

THEIA-EL Founder,

Official Aura-Soma distributor in Singapore

Aura-Soma teacher

Ayako Goto

Ray founder & Salon owner (Event Venue)

Aura-Soma teacher

Tomomi Tsuruta

Director Riva Art

Aura-Soma Jewellery adviser

Harumi Tanaka

H SEEDS Founder


Special supporter

※ The consultation will approximately take two hours, needed for the choice of the equilibrium bottles and design customization of the jewellery. *There are limited seats only, so please book your slot in advance. ※ Booking & inquiry: Please complete this form - your name, contact detail (mobile number), and the requested day. * Consultation fee is included in Jewellery fee.

Request Form Link ⬇️

There are Male design range.

This time there are special rings for Couple:


You all are welcome, so please join this special event.

We are looking forward to seeing you in TOKYO 2019 Nov 24 & 25th.

You can join the session with your friend, partner also.

Request Form Link ⬇️ you can find the availability slots here.

Venue : Oneness beauty " Ray"

about 3 mins walk from Hamamatsu / Daimon Station

Beautiful salon and can see the iconic Tokyo Tower just in front of the venue.

< Special message >

" Each of us is invited to the earth. And each of us has missions to complete in our life. Our Aura-Soma Jewellery and Power Jewellery play a part to build an interrelationship between the earth and the human beings. In the process that we produce jewellery making use of blessing from the earth. We are encouraged and given luck to go forward. In this way, our jewellery can create a new relationship between the earth and the human beings. "

" Just a little change of way of thinking makes our everyday life much brilliant, and we look forward to the future. But changing oneself is more difficult than we expect. So we need a partner who is always on our side. Aura-Soma jewellery doesn't over highlight the beauty of a person who wear it, but also acts upon the inner world to bring out the natural brilliance of him/ her. THAT IS AURA-SOMA JEWELLERY. 10 and some years have passed since I met Aura-Soma jewellery. Now I would like to tell you how special and wonderful it is, and would like you to have a chance to experience Aura-Soma Jewellery. It would be great happiness of mine to tell more and more people the excellence of Aura-Soma jewellery.

By Hiroko Kawashima

CEO Aura-Soma Jewellery/ Riva Art

Popular Design detail ⬇️

2019 November Tokyo Request Form Link ⬇️ you can find the availability slots here.

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