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Echo A bit about the astrology for the birth of Bottle 118

'We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.' LeeAnn Taylor

On 14th May 2020 at 12:00pm Bottle 118, Echo, Pale Coral/Pale Violet, came into the light. The highest, most visible point in the chart (called the MC) set for the birth of Echo, is at 10° Taurus.

Lo and behold, the asteroid Echo presents herself at 11° 4′ Taurus, shining up high!

The Sun, symbolising the raising of consciousness, is at 24° 6′ Taurus and Uranus, that part of us that is able to connect to the greater universal whole, is at 7° 37′ Taurus.

Should we superimpose the twelve signs on the Colour Rose, Taurus, right on cue, presents with coral, the colour in the top fraction of Echo.

Taurus is cool, soft, and fertile; it is stable, persistent, and can concentrate its energies toward growth: without Taurus there would be no gardens. (The Sabian Symbol for 11° Taurus: A Woman Watering Flowers in her Garden and is about having patience and care.) The passiveness of Taurus makes it possible for us to hear the inner voice and so…in time…we become conscious of our dual nature. Understanding duality leads us to see ourselves with clarity and acceptance – to no longer reject or judge parts of ourselves.

Then we are likely to see others in the same way – the narrow criticisms of the past are released, our 'sins' are let go of and an angel of mercy descends into our heart, bringing the 'peace that passeth all understanding'. Taurus is a feminine sign, a sign of Being and in earthy Taurus we are called upon to refer to our senses, to act on the feedback we receive from our body and the environment. Taurus begs us to be receptive to the feminine, to enjoy life, to treasure it and allow our self to feel the love all around.

The glyph for Echo in astrology is similar to the Egyptian ankh. The Ankh represents the eternal life force, the healing energy as a combination of the male and female symbols of Osiris (the cross) and Isis (the oval); it thus signifies the union of heaven and earth reflecting continued existence.

It is also believed that the Ankh represents the path of the Sun from East to West (the loop representing the Nile River). The Ankh was almost never drawn in silver as the Ankh is associated with the Sun and gold is associated with the Sun. Echo was a golden-tongued nymph: 'That gold is something important in relation to this bottle, not apparent in the colours, but apparent through the numerology' and now the astrology. (Please refer to Mike's notes, B118).

The Ankh was also used to represent the Roman Goddess, Venus. Venus (») is the mythic Goddess of Beauty and Love. Venus in Echo's chart is at 21° 48′ Gemini and has just turned her back on the world to go retrograde, cosying up to Vesta, the asteroid representing commitment and focus. When a planet turns retrograde, the energy of that planet is withdrawn from further forward motion, and instead crosses over previously transited degrees, imploring us to renegotiate our emotional attachment to past experiences.

Vicky ascribed Bottle 20, The Star Child, Blue/Pink to Gemini. Venus is about how we value our self and others; she is concerned with what we find worthwhile, what we appreciate and want to attract into our lives. With Venus retrograde it seems that the transformation (Pale Violet) that Echo facilitates, is to help us to resolve our interior struggles between the need to be out there and the urge to reflect upon what we truly want.

The commitment of Venus in Gemini to personal dialogue and exchange of ideas means that barriers could open, defences released, and our hearts opened. The opportunity is there to plumb the depths of our relationships, to find closure to unfinished business, to release the past and to renew our capacity for love.

Neptune at 20° Pisces squares Venus bringing a bit of spiritual distance into the equation, creating the possibility to observe our own responses while participating in the activities around us – a process necessary for our healing and wholeness.

This will also influence the way we communicate our love to others. Communication and mental interchange are important components for fulfilled relationships – a theme very much part of the tale of Echo.

It is no surprise that Mercury, representing communication, mind and intelligence, at 5° Gemini (the sign where he belongs) and high up in the chart, plays a pivotal role in the chart of Echo. Hermes (the Greek name for Mercury) was the Messenger of the Gods and helped the souls to transit from the upper world to Hades - the only deity that was allowed above and below.

Mercury is the mind and can speed through the conscious mind, and as easily drop down to dredge something up from the unconscious. Mercury also rules the Corpus Callosum which divides the brain into left and right halves and as such creates an interchange between the concrete reasoning aspect and the spiritual intuitive side. A possible outcome is that the combination of pale coral and pale violet strongly nurtures the development of our sixth sense for timing our life's changes: supporting the healing of our timeline. It even becomes possible to access the joy of our inner 'divine child'!

On the colour rose, the sign of Aquarius falls on violet and as it has to be, the Moon in Echo's chart falls on 22° 40′ Aquarius, very close to the seventh house cusp. (the ascendant of this chart is 24° 09′ Leo).

Applying the contents of Bottle 118 could illuminate where the individuality of Leo and the group consciousness of Aquarius intersects for us. It is likely that in these confusing times, Aura-Soma has become more necessary than ever before. Perhaps we could discover ways of making a creative, healing contribution to society, expressing ourselves for the benefit of the greater network.

Bottle 22, The Rebirther's Bottle, Awakening, Yellow/Pink, seems to have a core connection with Echo and, via a renewal of spirit through joy and self-acceptance, we are awakened to the deeper levels of the star within us (keynote for this bottle that shakes up as a soft gold).

Echo is born during a Last Quarter Moon. Any Last Quarter Moon is about taking spiritual stock: the seeds planted at the New Moon have matured and appropriate action is needed to ensure the flowering. At First Quarter we take outward action, at Last Quarter we confront our deeper self: Echo will stimulate us to ask what behaviours are contrary to who we are becoming, and even more important, what new ways of being do we need to cultivate so that we are able to create a future better suited to fulfilling our purpose?

Important to mention is the yod between the Venus, the Ascendant and the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction at 24° Taurus, 21° Gemini and 24°/27° Capricorn. This yod accentuates that Echo could help us to broaden our view of reality, to support us to see ourselves and those around us with deeper caring and clearer vision – to understand our foibles as well as our divinity, and accept all of this as a package. Echo fosters compassionate understanding ridding us of old negative patterns that may have held us back. Accept and enjoy yourself as you are.

A few Sabian Symbols to meditate on (as quoted from An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar).

Asteroid Echo (11° 4′ Taurus): A young couple window shopping: shared dreams, the future and its possibilities.

Ascendant (24° 09′ Leo): A large camel is seen crossing a vast and forbidding desert: completing a daunting journey.

Sun (24° 6′ Taurus): A vast public park: collective enjoyment.

Moon (22° 40′ Aquarius): A bear sitting down and waving all its paws: Rudhyar calls this true discipleship as it takes self-discipline to undertake the proper training.

Mercury (5° 18′ Gemini): Workmen drilling for oil: the drive to plumb the depths.

Venus (21° 48′ Gemini): Dancing couples in a harvest festival: celebrating together the warmth and providence of the Earth.

Jupiter (27° 14′ Capricorn): A large aviary: communing with many, also clairaudience, hearing many inner voices.

Pluto (24° 54′ Capricorn): A store filled with precious oriental rugs: appreciating excellence.

With Love and Light


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