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AURA-SOMA ® ONLINE Crystal Master Introductory Course 〜 Co-creation with the New Earth 〜

First on-line Crystal Master Introductory Course

〜Co-creation with the New Earth〜

Continuing the will of Aura-Soma founder Vicky Wall, the Crystal Master Course has been developed by Mike Booth since 2005. This Crystal Course conveys the wisdom of the Mineral Kingdom which is one of the 3 important kingdoms of Aura-Soma (color (hue-man), plant, and mineral).

In 2020, the world is in a massive changing transition to the new Earth and new human beings, evolving together. The Earth's being are "wake up call" to us more strongly than ever. Now is the time to listen to the calls of the Crystal Earth being. Crystal is a gift from the Earth. Crystal is the earth itself. We are one with the Earth and Crystal.

With the intention of assisting us to heal the earth, heal the world, and consciously evolve ourselves, we will deliver to everyone special crystals which are suitable for the present day, 7 Crystals chosen by Mike Booth personally.

Let's touch the Crystals that remember all the events on the Earth, integrate our lives with the Earth, and create the future of the Earth together. Dedicate our love and gratitude to the Earth, connect with beings and unveil our true purpose through the work of integration.

*Mike Booth is the chairman of Aura-Soma Products Ltd and principal of the Aura-Soma Academy.

【Date】: 2020. Sep 5 (Sat), 6 (Sun), and 12th (Sat) < 2 hours x 3 days >

【Time】: 14:00-16:00 (Singapore time) / 15:00-17:00 (Japan time)

Including a 10-15 mins short break.

It may be extended depending on the participants.

【Prerequisites】 L1, or anyone can attend with a few hours Introduction

( able to arrange before course)

【Course fee】 $1,000 SGD

( Incl. $ 430 SGD worth * 7 Crystals selected by Mike Booth.)

【Additional fee】 Curie fee of *Crystals (Depends on the country)

【Preparation】 PC, Mobile, enabling ZOOM、Hand towel, *Crystal sets,

        Pomander (white), Quintessence (Serapis bey)

【Number of applicants】10 people max.

【Course Detail 】Note : The 2nd and 3rd days program may change depending on the course flow.

【How to enroll in the course 】

Please email to :

<< Day1 >> 

  • The mutual evolution of crystal and mankind

  • Relationship between Aura-Soma’s founder Vicky Wall and Crystals

  • The need for evolution of consciousness and Crystal consciousness

  • Create the right relationship with Crystals

  • Crystal Work Vol.1

<< Day2 >> 

  • Understanding the benefit of Crystals with colors and numbers (Numerology

  • Crystal Work Vol.2

<< Day3 >> 

  • How to receive the Message from Crystals.

  • Crystal Work Vol.3

  • Q&A, Sharing, Conversation

【Teacher profile】

Maria Ikuko Aoyama (Tokyo Japan)

President of Holistic Beauty Salon & School “ Resonance”

Aura-Soma® L3 Teacher,

Aura-Soma® Crystal Master Part 3 Teacher

US Crystal Academy Crystal Healing Advanced Facilitator

Ms Maria is a qualified Aura-Soma Level 3 teachers since 2007. She became independent after a career in a cosmetics company because of her desire to convey the richness and beauty of spiritual life, and started her own Salon & School. Due to strong resonance with crystals, she got a guidance about Crystal Healing from Katrina Rafael in Hawaii.

In 2004, she participated in the Crystal Course held at Dev Aura, the main school of Aura-Soma, England, and learnt the evolution and philosophy of Aura-Soma with crystals from Mike Booth.

In 2012, by the appointment of Mike Booth, she became the first crystal master teacher in the Aura-Soma world. Through crystals and Aura-Soma, she has been dedicating to helping each one to cherish their individuality and nurture their beauty of existence.

Organizer: THEIA-EL

(Interpreter of this coruse)

Director: Yoshie Ajioka-Pace

Official Singapore Aura-Soma® distributor

Aura-Soma®L2 Teacher,

Aura-Soma®Crystal Master,

The 72Angels of the Kabbalah Part1 Teacher,

Essential Course Instructor

【Benefits of taking this course】

- Learn how to use Crystal and Aura-Soma products.

- Learn the benefits of crystals from the perspective of color, mystery, and Aura Soma products.

- Knowing the relationship of mankind with crystals will help you to receive more benefits from crystals.

- Learn how to fully benefit yourself from crystals before passing on your knowledge to others.

- Crystals reminds us of our wishes and brings us the courage to reach our hopes and dreams.

- By nurturing the body of light and raising the vibration, it contributes to happiness for yourself and others.

- It will help you to wake up to earth consciousness and live in harmony.

- You will be eligible for the Crystal Course by Aura Soma President Mike Booth in the fall of 2020.

- Crystal layout can be offered in situations such as crystal sessions and Reiki healing.

<Note: You are not allowed to share the course content on-line nor organize a course/workshop by yourself >

【About the 7 crystals used in the course】

1 Morganite(Tumble)

The vibration of love and healing, the heart chakra is activated. Brings out the charm of gentle tenderness.

2. Orange calcite (Sphere) around 70mm

It prepares unstable feelings and brings comfort and security. Support for life of vitality and joy.

3. Citrine polish (Point) around 35mm A lucky stone that brings wealth. It has the energy of the sun and brings to you more positiveness, hope and courage.

4. Natural turquoise (Rough)

  A special and sacred crystal for Native Americans living with nature. It helps to  

  inspire and receive cosmic awareness and information.

5. Angelite (Sphere) around 40mm

It has a vibration in the angelic realm and works peacefully, supporting communication.

6. Selenite (Sphere) around 60mm

  Having high-order energy and acts as a gateway.

  Empower the most virtuous self.

7. Girasol (Sphere) around 30mm

  Supporting gentle changes during transition periods.

【How to enroll in the course 】

Please email to :

We are really looking forward to seeing you in this course !

AURA-SOMA ® ONLINE Crystal Master Introductory

〜 Co-creation with the New Earth 〜

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