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Aura-Soma®️ & Crystal sound bath on 13th May Mother’s Day Wellness Retreat at Capella Auriga Spa

Mother’s Day Wellness Retreat at Auriga Spa

Pamper your mum with a restorative time at Auriga Spa, where a morning of gratifying wellness activities has been curated to inspire a renewal of spirits and energies.

13 May 2023, Saturday 8am to 2pm $550++ per person

please click the below link of Capella Hotel Auriga Spa

(Mother’s Day Wellness Retreat at Auriga Spa)

8:00a.m. | Theta State of Mind: Tibetan Singing Bowls

9:15a.m. | Nourishing Breakfast

10:45a.m. | Aura Soma®

The Aura Soma® experience is about exploring the meanings behind the colours you choose, as they

reflect your being’s needs.

Through a guided session with Yoshie, you can discover your mission and

purpose in life, your gifts and talents (as well as challenges), your present moment, and your future

vision. By choosing the colors that resonate with you, you can empower and elevate yourself towards

total wholeness and well-being.

Come and explore the world of Aura Soma® and unlock your greater


I can do private Aura-Soma consultation on this day based on request.

I will explain it during this workshop.

This workshop is including Alchemy Crystal Bowls sound bath.

12:00p.m. | Purification Water Experience

Treatment of choice from the options below

Intuitive Wellness Massage | 60 minutes

Rose Crystal Facial | 60 minutes

Looking forward to see you on this special day.

with lots of love & light x THEIA-EL Yoshie

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Aura-Soma jewellery event 2023 May 19-21

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