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AURA-SOMA® - Synergy Readings for Couple

Whenever souls meet there is a possibility for them to amplify and support each other qualities and strengths. The extent of this potential is revealed through the connections between their respective colorselections. By looking at the persons chosen 4 color combinations, Yoshie will guide you and your partner in realizing why you two are together, here and now, and how to support each other at the soul level.

Twin souls may incarnate the same purpose, Twin flames help reveal each other while remaining true to their own light, Twin flares always feel good in the company of each other, and Dyadic relationships may stimulate the teaching within each other.

“Trust your intuition. You are the colour you choose, and these reflect your being’s needs.”

Time: 90 minutes private session.

Price: $350 net (including 2 Aura-Soma Bottles worth $144).

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