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New Bottle #122 - Poseidon - Bright Magenta / Lime


B122 - Bright Magenta / Lime Green

Born December 14th 2022 at 12:00pm GMT

First Thoughts ( By Mike Booth)

I'd really like to take this opportunity to welcome Poseidon into the system of Aura-Soma. It is an immense gift to have the presence of Poseidon joining the system at this point in time.

Poseidon gives us the opportunity to really care for ourselves, to love ourselves as completely as is possible, giving us the opportunity and the ability to let go of that which no longer serves us, the outdated and unacceptable ways of relating, that it is that it's time to move on and to establish a way of relating that's more helpful and more supportive, and the best that we can be. Poseidon also gives an ability to accept change and to see this through the eyes of unconditional love, compassion, and caring. The bright Magenta introduced here is a colour that's not previously been in the system and now it is linked to the other new colour, the Lime green. Through these colours we are reminded that in times of difficulty, in times when we face the patterns of the past, we need to re-evaluate and we need the intense support of the love from above as it is that we practice putting the love into whatever it is that we do. The caring and the warmth in the small things means the practice of building the light body and further contributing to the beginnings of the activation that is in the midst of taking place. The course that was held in November in Kyoto, the ‘Activation of the Light Body’ was an important precursor to the birth of Poseidon. The response and the energy of the potential for the activation to come about was also part of something that was a ‘letting go’ or a ‘falling away’ of that which has previously been.