New Moon Healing Circle with Light Codes Acticartions & Alchemy Crystal Bowls

28th August 2022 Sunday 16:00-19:00


Details Join us for a beautiful afternoon of sound healing and light codes.

<< Healing with Crystal Bowls & Light Codes>>

  • Sun, Aug28 · 4:00 PM SST

  • Energy Exchange: 52 SGD

  • Venue: The Cosmopolitan ( Opposite Great World City)

Violate Ray, the 194th Living Ray uses light codes frequencies from 5th dimension and beyond to heal at our soul and cellular level. This unique blend of vibration and frequencies join together to bring what you to a world beyond your imagination.

THEIA EL /Yoshie (me) brings with special sets of crystal bowls that create heavenly vibration on earth.

Place your order here: ✳️

simply email me: at or message me if you have my WhatsApp.

really looking forward to seeing you all .

with love & light x Yohie THEIA EL

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