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Sep10&11 ⭐️AURA-SOMA® Customized Resonance Bracelet workshop in Singapore -

【Aura-Soma Resonance Bracelet.】

"Would you like to join us in creating your very own unique Aura-Soma Resonance Bracelet?

The Resonance Bracelet is crafted with natural power stones and designed to resonate with the wearer. When you swing the Energizing Garnet within the silver parts around your ear, it activates a harmonizing effect.

This exclusive bracelet provides support to the wearer and is often referred to as a 'Mobile Therapist' that enhances your inherent value."

This Energizing garnet is called “Mobile Therapist”

"Experience the transformative power of the Energizing Garnet, often referred to as the 'Mobile Therapist', as it accompanies you and brings forth the best version of yourself.

By simply swinging the energizing garnet, nestled within the bracelet, near your ear, a profound resonance is created, harmonizing with your unique energy."

"Indulge in the opportunity to create a truly unique bracelet that is exclusively yours."



You can create with your inspiration or

Alternatively, you can select the AURA-SOMA bottle that resonates with you the most from our collection of 123 attract bottles, allowing it to capture your inner colors.

I (Yoshie, from THEIA EL in Singapore) will provide a simple consultation where you can customize your bracelet by infusing it with your intention based on the color attraction. I am very happy to support in this process.

Manifest Love of beauty and creativity ...

A harmonizing heart. A new beginning for spirituality.

You have the option to personalize your bracelet by incorporating the color of your choice.

The Original Resonance Bracelet is designed not to supplement the energy of the crystal, but rather to resonate with your existing energy and amplify it further. By resonating with your own energy, you have the power to enhance the crystal's power and bring out its true brilliance.

We are delighted to assist each of you on an exciting journey of self-discovery during this bracelet-making workshop. Our goal is to help you find the crystal that deeply resonates with you, allowing you to tap into its unique energy and experience its transformative qualities.


Aura-Soma® Jewellery's Managing Director, Tomoko Tsuruta, will guide and assist us with her special techniques to create our unique bracelets.

Feel free to bring your child along for a fun and creative experience, where you can make a bracelet for yourself or as a heartfelt gift for your loved ones. There are no limitations on the number of bracelets you can make, so you can let your creativity flow and create as many as you desire.

Original Resonance Bracelet workshop

Dates: 10 or 11 Sep 2023 (2 days)

Time: approx. 3 hours for each session.

Venue details: For specific information about the venue and registration, please refer to the registration link provided below:

Fees: SGD50/pax (includes guidance on bracelet-making as well as assistance with final touch-up work such as tying knots, and ensuring your bracelet is beautifully finished.)

* Purchase of the bracelet you made is NOT mandatory (the budget for purchasing the bracelet is around SGD 200 . It may increase depending on your choices. :)

Timetable (max. 10 participants per session)

A.10 Sep 2023 (Sun)  AM 9:30-12:30 (10 seats )

B.10 Sep 2020 (Sun)  PM:15:00-18:00 (10 seats )

C.11 Sep 2021 (Mon)  AM 10:00-13:30 (10 seats )

D. 11 Sep 2020 (Mon)  PM:14:30-17:3first-served0 (10 seats)

* No refunds will be issued after the payment.


Please email below by indicating your preferred date and time slot. Please kindly note that each session is on a first-come, first-served basis. <mail>:

We are equally excited to hear from you and look forward to your participation in the workshop. If you have any further questions or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

We can't wait to embark on this creative journey together! ♡


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