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Aura-Soma Singapore at PASAR Athma Cultivating the Sustainable Self -Holistic event (29&30June&#

  • 2 dates · 29 Jun – 30 Jun Sat&Sun 10:00 - 18:00

<Aura-Soma at the event>

Pasar Athma .:. Cultivating The Sustainable Self We have the pleasure of having Yoshie from Theia•el ティア•エル - Singapore Aura-Soma Color&Holistic Healing Group to provide a method of better self-understanding of our inner journeys, only at Pasar Athma .:. Cultivating The Sustainable Self !! Aura-Soma® is a non-intrusive, self-selective soul therapy system. Combining the energies of Color, Biodynamic Organic Herbs, and Crystals, these vibrational tools can support all levels of our being, bringing harmony and balance within subtle fields promoting well-being and joy of life. ☆Aura-Soma® color reading: This reveals the dual colored Equilibrium bottles you are drawn the most, providing the key for increasing well-being. (To reveals - 1. Mission and Purpose, 2 Gift and Talent (Challenging) 3. Here and now 4. Future vision) ☆There are 117 colors Bottles, 17types of Pomander (Protection and cleansing for your energies), 15Quintessences (to connect your master energies), 9 Archangeloy sprays ( Angelic energies), and Color essences (top up the color energies and work for your chakra system) ☆AURA-SOMA® official Resonance Crystal bracelet Fair special promotion ☆Aura-Soma reading (15min) / (30min) AURA-SOMA PRODUCT Specia Fair promotion. (Bottle, Pomander, QuintEssence, Archangeloy ..etc ) *The sale ends when all the stock is sold out.

Free ticket registration

Pasar Athma .:. Cultivating The Sustainable Self Description

We are Singaporeans living an urban life, With indigenous mindsets, Ancient souls, And authentic hearts...

And we invite you to the first ever Pasar Athma!

A 2-day gathering of conscious creators sharing themselves, their products, their services, and their processes in the journey of living consciously and authentically in Singapore. “Pasar” is a Malay word that means “market”, and “Athma” is the Sanskrit word for “the Divine within”. To co-create Pasar Athma is to co-create a marketplace for a holistic approach towards supporting our inner Divinity and an ecosystem, deeply connected to both Earth and Spirit. The Sustainable Self is a self that lives with a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, to the circle of life. A person who lives in deep respect of Nature and who lives consciously and interdependently. This includes not only living a ‘green’ lifestyle by eating nutritious locally grown produce and reducing plastic usage, but nourishing ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For we ARE nature. And a deep respect for Nature, is a deep respect for the Self. So what does it mean to cultivate a sustainable self within the urban and capitalistic society of Singapore? Is it possible? What are the conversations that we can explore for ourselves? We believe it is - to have witnessed and experienced it for ourselves. Now, we want to share and support YOU to cultivate this great possibility within yourself. For we are not just Spiritual Beings on our yoga mats, or when we eat vegan. We are Spiritual Beings when we wash the dishes, when we commute to work, and even when we file our taxes... So how can we support ourselves to live according to our truth and authencity, no matter what we are doing? No matter where we are living? Pasar Athma brings together an amazing collective of local spiritual practitioners, food providers, entrepreneurs, products, artists, and musicians...that are all in alignment with the Sustainable Self, to support you to do the same. To celebrate our Singa-tribe, to seed and breed the influencers of a new paradigm. Because who says Singapore can’t be Conscious. What to expect: - 40+ eco-friendly, holistic and spiritual providers of products, services, and nourishment - Talks by conscious warriors from all walks of life sharing how they live sustainably in Singapore - Workshops by GUI, Athma Soulutions, and more that cultivate the tools to empower your sustainable lifestyle - Facilitated networking and ‘get-to-know-your-tribe’ sessions - Soul-nourishing activities such as community mural painting, dancing, and singing - Ceremonial gatherings to honor the land of Singapore What to bring: - BYO shopping bags, water bottles, containers and utensils to reduce waste! - Bring CASH (We will update if there will be cashless options available)

See you there, Singa-tribe! ✨

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