ZOOM Course - BLP(Beamer Lightpen) LEVEL 1- A Community Of World Changing TherapistsDiscover the Sec

A Community Of World Changing TherapistsDiscover the Secret Healing Powers of Light and Colour BLP(Beamer Lightpen) LEVEL 1


Please Join Us in JUNE 19,20,21 (Fri-Sun)

14:00-19:00 (Singapore time)



About This Programme

Founder Galabriel and Dr. Robert will share with you insights from over more 60 years of combined experience successfully using the Beamer Light Pen Colour Enlightenment Method to heal thousands of patients and teach hundreds of students across the globe.

Our mission is to build a family of BLP experts who are seeking to build life-changing careers for themselves and others by learning the relationship between colour, light and the physical body and use this knowledge to bring healing, balance, abundance, creativity and more to their clients.

BLP LEVEL ONE, is the first step into the fascinating world of the Beamer Light Pen® - Colour Enlightenment® healing system.

It’s the step that shows new and fascinating ways of healing with light and colour to enrich your existing knowledge in holistic healing. You will gain a deeper understanding and more self-confidence to identify the exact points where energy is lacking or in excess, and learn how to re-adjust it.

This course will be presented as a live and online, which means, that you can join us from the comfort of your home. All you need is a functioning computer with internal or external speakers and a microphone. You will be able to ask any questions during the course and participate in discussions.

Once you are booked for the course we will email you a link that will allow you to follow the course and participate in discussions/questions etc.

The course will be presented in English


The Building Blocks: All good skills are built on a solid foundation. Reach a higher level of understanding of the meaning and effect that colour and light have in the human body.

Where you are now and where you can be: what, where and how to most effectively use the Beamer Light Pen and its vials.

Using the meaning and significance of colours as they relate to the Human Energy System.

The Chakras and the Subtle Bodies and how they relate to the physical body. Get the perfect framework to explore and rebalance the subtle bodies and the chakras with the energies of colour and light.

Evaluating the State of the Chakras.

🔺Vials : Aura-Soma’s dual-colored liquids from the

Equilibrium bottles, containing color, plant and crystal

energies, have been poured into slender glass vials

which are then inserted into a flashlight pen.

We’ll help you arrive to a precise evaluation of the state of the Chakras. Using the three Major Stars process, the Beamer Light Pen and colourful vials, target the meridian points and precisely charge and discharge the chakras.

Introduction to the Mayan "Mayan Energy Work®", an ancient practice that helps human beings find their correct place in the universe.

We’ll discuss the practical aspects of building a career around this tried-and-tested activity including practicing the acquired techniques while maintaining your passion for helping others. You will leave ready for any conditions