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AURA-SOMA ® ONLINE Crystal Master Course 2021July by Ms Maria-Ikuko Aoyama"Creating a Crystal Grid"

2021 Aura Soma® Crystal Master Course Online

Following the online Aura Soma® Crystal Course, which premiered in 2020, we are pleased to deliver the benefits of crystals with further upgraded content in 2021.

The main theme is “creating a crystal grid”.

A crystal grid is like energy art created by arranging crystals in a certain shape. Crystals placed on the grid direct the energy of the universe to a specific purpose or direction, healing and protection, people and places. It converts the wavelength of the person's wishes and feelings, or higher-order intentions into crystals, which are earth itself.

The crystals placed on the grid are energy charged through Aura Soma's unique method. Each work with the crystal is connected not only for oneself but also for the collective and contributes to the whole earth benefits.

The participation fee includes the online course and the set of 14 crystals used during the course. The crystals needed for this course, chosen carefully by Aura-Soma’s principal Mike Booth, are extremely valuable and difficult to obtain.

[Lecturer profile]

Maria Ikuko Aoyama lives in Tokyo where she founded the Holistic Beauty Salon & School Resonance.

UK ASIACT Certified Aura Soma Level 3 Teacher, Crystal Master Part 3 Teacher, Crystal Healing Advanced Facilitator Certified by US Crystal Academy.

In 2003, due to her strong resonance with Crystal, she received instruction in Crystal Healing from Katrina Rafael in Hawaii. In 2004, she attended Aura Soma's first crystal course at Dev Aura, Aura Soma School in England, and learned about the development and philosophy of Aura Soma by crystals from Mike Booth. She obtained Aura Soma Teacher 3 qualification in 2007. In 2012, with the appointment of Mike Booth, she became the world's first crystal master in the aura-soma world. Since then, she has cherished the Aura Soma® Crystal Method and has been devoting herself to training crystal masters around the world.

【Date】: 2021. July 17 (Sat), 18 (Sun), and 20th (Tue/ public off) < 3 hours x 3 days >

【Time】: 10:00-13:00 (Singapore time) / 11:00-12:00 (Japan time)

Including short break.

It may be extended depending on the participants/ sharing.

【Prerequisites】 L1, or anyone can attend with a few hours introduction (need to arrange before the course).

【Course fee】 $1,400 SGD

(includes 14 Crystals selected by Mike Booth.)

【Additional fee】Delivery of Crystals (depending on the country)

Singapore & Japan = Free delivery.

【Preparation】PC, Mobile, enabling ZOOM,

Hand towel x2, Crystal set, Pomander (white, Pink), Quintessence (Serapis bey), White Paper x2 (A3 size).

【Number of applicants】

8 people max. (4 seats are available as of 1st June)

【How to enroll in the course 】

Please email:

Course Detail

1. Crystal energy charging method (14 types of crystals)

2. Crystal grid creation

3. About the possibility of setting the intention to the crystal grid

4. About the importance of deepening the grid

5. Q&A, Sharing

【Benefits of taking this course】

  • You can work with 14 Crystals which are extremely valuable and hard-to-obtain, carefully selected by Mike.

  • You can create a crystal grid in the space you need, such as your home or office.

  • Crystal layout can be offered in situations such as crystal sessions and Reiki healing.

*Note: You are not allowed to share, teach this course content online

【Teacher profile】

Maria Ikuko Aoyama (Tokyo Japan)

President of Holistic Beauty Salon & School “ Resonance”

Aura-Soma® L3 Teacher,

Aura-Soma® Crystal Master Part 3 Teacher

US Crystal Academy Crystal Healing Advanced Facilitator

Ms Maria is a qualified Aura-Soma Level 3 teachers since 2007. She became independent after a career in a cosmetics company because of her desire to convey the richness and beauty of spiritual life, and started her own Salon & School. Due to strong resonance with crystals, she got a guidance about Crystal Healing from Katrina Rafael in Hawaii.

In 2004, she participated in the Crystal Course held at Dev Aura, the main school of Aura-Soma, England, and learnt the evolution and philosophy of Aura-Soma with crystals from Mike Booth.

In 2012, by the appointment of Mike Booth, she became the first crystal master teacher in the Aura-Soma world. Through crystals and Aura-Soma, she has been dedicating to helping each one to cherish their individuality and nurture their beauty of existence.

Organizer & interpreter ( English - Japanease ): THEIA-EL

(Interpreter of this coruse)

Director: Yoshie Ajioka-Pace

Official Singapore Aura-Soma® distributor

Aura-Soma®L2 Teacher,

Aura-Soma®Crystal Master,

The 72Angels of the Kabbalah Part1 Teacher,

Essential Course Instructor

【Benefits of taking this course】

- Learn how to use Crystal and Aura-Soma products.

- Learn the benefits of crystals from the perspective of color, mystery, and Aura Soma products.

- Knowing the relationship of mankind with crystals will help you to receive more benefits from crystals.

- Learn how to fully benefit yourself from crystals before passing on your knowledge to others.

- Crystals reminds us of our wishes and brings us the courage to reach our hopes and dreams.

- By nurturing the body of light and raising the vibration, it contributes to happiness for yourself and others.

- It will help you to wake up to earth consciousness and live in harmony.

- You will be eligible for the Crystal Course by Aura Soma President Mike Booth in the fall of 2020.

- Crystal layout can be offered in situations such as crystal sessions and Reiki healing.

<Note: You are not allowed to share the course content on-line nor organize a course/workshop by yourself >


【About the 14 crystals used in the course】

① Eleschar (raw stone)

② Turquoise (raw stone or flat tumble)

③ Clear Quartz

④ Amethyst (cluster)

⑤ Peacock stone (raw stone)

⑥ Kyanite

⑦ Fire opal (raw stone or tumble)

⑧ Lepidrite (raw stone)

⑨ Angelite

⑩ Amethyst (point)

⑪ Lapis lazuli (sphere)

⑫ Rose quartz (sphere or tumble)

⑬ Soda Light (Tumble)

⑭ Howlite

【How to enroll in the course 】

Please email to :


with Love & Light x THEIA-EL / Yoshie


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