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Aura-Soma®️ The 7 Levels of Letting Go Bottles

”Letting go” is part of the central theme within the Aura-Soma system.

Each of us needs to truly understand and discover the implications of letting go.

Understanding these seven steps and where they will lead is important in the development or the building of the Light Body.

The Seven Steps, the Seven Levels of Letting Go ..

Please try to use the bottles as below steps. Your energies might be very transformed.

Bottle #13 Change in the New Aeon - Clear/Green

lluminating the emotional side of life, making a space for change in the letting go.

As I let go, I am open to that which is new

Where to Apply: Around the entire heart area.

Bottle #26 Etheric Rescue; Humpty Dumpty Bottle - Orange/Orange

ebalancing the timeline, pulling together discrepancies and restoring the synchronicity of life.

I send peace to all the beings that I have been

Where to Apply: This is the only substance that needs to be applied in a very specific way - around the entire abdomen; also from the left earlobe to the left shoulder in a small band downward. Then, beginning under the left arm in a wide band down the whole left side of the trunk to the ankle. With thyroid gland problems apply around the throat. When muscles are tense, massage on the affected areas.

BottleBottle #39 Egyptian Bottle 2, The Puppeteer - Violet/Gold

Transformative wisdom and compassion brings a sense of deep joy and understanding.

I am in a process of learning which is deepening within my being and from there I know I have a lot to share

Where to Apply: Along the entire hairline and around the abdomen.

Bottle #52 Lady Nada - Pale Pink/Pale Pink

A communication of profound self acceptance and unconditional love.

I love myself the way I am, not the way I would like to be

Where to Apply: Around the abdomen. With mental problems, apply one drop to top vertebra at the head, one drop to the temples, and one drop to the neck, and rub it in.

Bottle #65 Head in Heaven and Feet on Earth - Violet/Red

Balance and support between the spiritual and the physical, giving the energy to perform one’s service.

I know where I am and where I am going. I trust the centre of my being

Where to Apply: Around the lower abdomen and along the hairline.

Bottle #78 Crown Rescue, The Transition bottle - Violet/Deep Magenta

Every ending brings a new beginning; letting go and intense service may lead to our “right place.”

I invite the vastness of Spirit and its luminosity into all the areas of life where previously I have not seen it

Where to Apply: Along the hairline, possibly also around the throat and neck, on the Third Eye, and the vertebrae at the head.

Bottle #91 Feminine leadership of the heart - Olive/Olive

The trust in the Holy Spirit. An optimistic hope in the loving nature of life itself.

I trust the process of life and through this process I acknowledge, in each moment, a sense of hope which helps me to calm my way

Where to Apply: Around the entire chest and abdominal area.

with love & light x THEIA-EL


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