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Aura-Soma® Singapore Level 1 Blue course 4th-7th November (Sat-Tue) 2023

“Those who wish to remember themselves, come and see.”

We all are living in a great transformation period on this planet right now.

This will be really opening the gate to your inner-self awareness with colors, crystals, biodynamic herbs & vibration.

"You are the colour you choose, and these reflect your being’s needs."

Please come and join the course and find out who you are more with your color within.

Level 1 Foundation - Blue Course

The initial step on the three-stage journey to becoming an Aura-Soma practitioner.

The Level 1 foundation course allows you to uncover the language of colour and what conscious evolution can offer.

This course represents a starting point for all those that are looking to trust their intuition and access a better understanding of themselves. It allows you to support not only your own wellness journey but also to support others to be the best versions of themselves.

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This course contains teaching in the following areas:

• The principles of Aura-Soma as a non-intrusive, self-selected, soul therapy.

• Colour Theory: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colours, Complementary colours, Hidden colours.

• The messages of colour – our gifts and talents.

• An introduction to the three stars in the Subtle Anatomy.

• The visible spectrum and the chakras. Sympathetic resonance as a key to restoring balance.

• The Consultation Process: The Colour Code of the Soul through time. The significance of the position of each bottle in the Equilibrium selection. Interpretation of each fraction in the colour selections.

• An introduction to the complete Aura-Soma range: the Equilibrium oils, Pomanders, Quintessences, Colour Essences and Cosmetics.

• Guidelines for recommendations based on the client’s selection.

•Demonstration and practical work with the aura and subtle energies.

• Demonstration and practical work with hand massage techniques.

• Demonstration and practical work in interpreting the Equilibrium selection.

⭐️Course fee : 1100 SGD (including 50ml Bottle x1, Course materials, tea, lunch fee is not included.)

⭐️Transfer DBS account, PAY NOW, PAY LAH, PAYPAL Credit Card.

⭐️The DATE & TIME : 04 - 07th Nov (Sat - Tue) 11:00-18:30pm.

⭐️The Venue : Singapore , Beach Road, The Plaza.


Course: Level 1 Foundation

Course diary for course Level 1 Foundation

Course Id 42683

Teacher : Yoshie Ajioka-Pace

Date : 04/11/2023 - 07/11/2023

Location : Singapore-SINGAPORE ( The Plaza 7500A Beach Road, 199591) on

In order for me to add you to the register of people attending the course, and ensure the Aura-Soma Academy can make all of the necessary course materials available to you please sign up to

Clicking here will allow you to sign up and complete your enrolment on this course.

If you are already registered with Aura-Soma please sign in using your existing details and in the courses section search for course ID 40748.

Please search for Singapore Level One teacher's name: Yoshie

or feel free to send me an email :

I am lookingthe forward to seeing you soon!


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