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New Pomander - Magenta

Dear all,

This is the letter from Aura-Soma academy -

Please welcome for this beautiful color and energy of new Magenta Pomander.

Magenta is the color of " Love from Above " and " Love in the little things "

The Pomander herbal combinations were developed to protect and refresh your physical and emotional being and the colourful electromagnetic field, or light body, surrounding your physical body, often referred to as the aura. The auric body, like the physical, can become damaged by trauma or simply day-to-day stress. The regular application of a Pomander around your energetic field can strengthen vulnerable areas, as well as help protect against potentially harmful energies from external circumstances or events.

<Magenta Pomander>

Dear Friend, We are delighted to share this news from Mike and Aura-Soma Products Ltd

With love & light,

The Academy Team

Due to its proximity to Mid Summer’s day in the Northern hemisphere, Mid Winter’s day in the Southern hemisphere, June 21st is an auspicious day.

In recognition of the importance of this time there has been a lot of activity on Shire Farm. The flow forms on the chakra path have been realigned and we have placed more rose quartz around the large Hathor sculpture by the heart pond. In addition we have been working on the glyphs of the Mayan Tree of Life which will be situated on the eighth chakra, above the crown.

The Guardian Angel and Heart Angel for 21st June is B66, this bottle ‘The Actress’ is the predecessor to B67 - the first time the Magenta energy appeared in the system in both the upper and lower fractions of an Equilibrium bottle.

With the significance of these events both globally and locally I get a sense of overwhelming and profound synchronicity with the coming into being today of the Magenta Pomander.

In the Aura-Soma system ‘love from above’ and ‘love in the little things’ are nearly synonymous as both are intimately related to the Magenta energy.

I remember when the Archangel Chamael Equilibrium bottle was born I received the inspiration that at some not too distant point in the future the Magenta Pomander would be born.

I am also reminded that Vicky often expressed tales of how she had used magenta paint in her clinic, a topical treatment first recognized for its healing potential during the battle of Magenta in 1859. Perhaps at this time we have the opportunity to become ‘whole’ (the root of the word healing) with the potential healing of our karmic wounds. Love is not only the answer it's also the key to our healing.

If we don't love ourselves what chance do we have to care for each other? Let’s remember who is important to love first and foremost as we immerse ourselves in the Magenta ray. If it feels right I suggest that the first time you introduce it into your field you say from your star in your belly:

‘As I offer this sacred substance to myself, for myself, I love myself and feel the love from above’.

Then as the wave of Magenta energy extends through each of us out into the world, when we view the rainbow we might look to see if the Magenta appears brighter.

Excited thoughts and love from above,

Mike and the Aura-Soma team


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