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2017.3.13/ Aura-Soma CEO Shaun with Day 2, Genesis Day in Singapore

〜The message from Shaun-

In 2016 April, the ‘Ground Zero day’ in Singapore created a very positive ripple in the global field of consciousness.

This created a chain reaction across the Aura-Soma community, generating a huge positive energy of change and renewal inside and outside our community. Such was the impact of this, we would really love to continue this process, and generate change and actualise even greater than ever before.

As part of the on going creation of the Global Universal solution

– Day 2, Genesis, the new dawn, is upon us.

The target for this day is for one of creation for the new, a sharing, a commitment to change, of quantum consciousness generation. Supporting the phenomenal energies created by Mike and Aura-Soma Essentials globally, Genesis will be a day of energetic exchange, generation and actualisation, building the energy for 2017 and beyond, creating more of what we wish to be in the world.

The day will be recognised by The Academy for certification as a 6 hour On-going Education Day for all teachers, practitioners and consultants who attend in person.

The start time will be 10am and the day will finish around 4pm. There are lunch venues close by.

The form of the day will be intentionally open giving the opportunity to build on the positive contribution that was grounded in 2016, to further expand the growth of the Aura-Soma system.

Look forward to meeting old friends and new.

In Love and Light

CEO Shan Sargent

Aura-Soma CEO Shaun with Day 2, Genesis Day in Singapore

Date : 13rd March 2017 (Monday)

Time : 10:00- 16:00

Venue : The Japanese Association Singapore

Speaker : Mr. Shaun Sargent


(Aura-Soma students, Practitioner , teacher only )

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