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Aura-Soma®Jewellery popular & New design 2018

Please see the below link for 2018 Aura-Soma jewellery Event details ⬇️

I would like to introduce the popular design and many feed back from people.

● "A successful career necklace" 

for blooming your talent, skill, career growth and manifesting your success.

● "Actress necklace"

for attracting love and bring out your inner beauty.

● "Opera Flower Necklace & Ring" to be aware of your shining self.


to raise the frequency/ vibration of happiness. Many people became happy (marriage, dream come true...) after wearing this ring , so it came to be named Happy ring.

you can chose the materials, and crystal , germs as your wishes.

"Star gate neck"

Chairman Mike Booth designs and wears by himself . He said "It's a very important design." Connecting the heaven and the earth, uncovering the understanding of cosmic energy, It is a design that can be aware of our mission and purpose of this life.

It is popular design in Singapore.

"Seeds of Life"

One piece of this jewellery will be preserved forever in Izumo shrine in Japan.

The Seeds of life is a symbol of "Seven days of creation" and by extension, represents universal creation. The pyramids of ancient Egypt are also based on the golden ratio of this sacred geometry.

New Design

"Five Star Rege "

Five Star Leger's new ring. Special diamond shining pentagram star in the center. Remember the promise with heaven, and also to shine even more .

⬇️Five Star Rege necklace

New Design

" Mystery necklace"

New Design

" Union Egg"

It would be great support for your dream come true.

Aura--Soma Jewellery Event November 16-18th (Friday -Sunday) in Singapore.

The fist Asia of Aura--Soma Jewellery Event was 2016 in Singapore .

So this is for the first time in two years

PLease come and join !

Request Form Link ⬇️

Any inquiry :

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