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June10-12 BLP Level2 Emotional Competence"The Secret Healing Powers of Light&Color online couse

A Community Of World Changing TherapistsDiscover the Secret Healing Powers of Light and Colour BLP(Beamer Lightpen) LEVEL 2

Emotional Competence


Please Join Us in June 10,11,12 (Sat, Sun Mon)

14:00-19:00 pm (Singapore/ Hong Kong time, Australia 17:00-22:00pm

About This Programme

Founder Galabriel and Dr. Robert will share with you insights from over 60 years of combined experience successfully using the Beamer Light Pen Colour Enlightenment Method to heal thousands of patients and teach hundreds of students across the globe.

Our mission is to build a family of BLP experts who are seeking to build life-changing careers for themselves and others by learning the relationship between colour, light, and the physical body and using this knowledge to bring healing, balance, abundance, creativity and more to their clients.

This course will be presented as a live and online, which means, that you can join us from the comfort of your home. All you need is a functioning computer with internal or external speakers and a microphone. You will be able to ask any questions during the course and participate in discussions.

Once you are booked for the course we will email you a link that will allow you to follow the course and participate in discussions/questions etc.

The course will be presented in English

Programme Details And Logistics

What: BLP LEVEL 2 - Emotional Competence

Who: Galaadriel Flammini & Dr. Robert Hasinger

When: 10 , 11, 12 June ( Sat, Sun, Mon) 2023

 14:00-19:00 Aaia- SGT/HKK, Australia : 17:00-22:00


Once you are signed up we will send you the instructions for your daily online connection to the course.

(After the course, you can access the recording link for a month to practice )

Usual Price: $1050 SGD (including certificate of L2)

Prerequisite: BLP L1 course

<< Special Offer>>

Early Bird Sign up by 30th April 2023 $950SGD Only

Bring your friend and sign up together: $900SGD Only

* You can offer and charge to people for L2 treatment after taking this course.

🔺Vials: Aura-Soma’s dual-colored liquids from the

Equilibrium bottles, containing color, plant, and crystal

energies have been poured into slender glass vials

which are then inserted into a flashlight pen.


Q1. Can anyone attend or do we need to have special training?

NO special training or knowledge is required. EVERYBODY can participate, this is the base level.

Q2. Do I have to attend the live session or can I do it on my own time?

If you can't attend live, you MUST notify us. Upon your request we will send you a link that will enable you to access the recorded sessions at a time of your convenience.

Q3. Is it possible to attend from anywhere in the world?

Yes, use my local time to calculate your local time.

Q4. What are your prices for BLP products?

You can see the price

Q5. I don’t have any equipment can I still take this course?

Yes! this course teaches the foundations of how and why light and colour are tools that transmit healing. However, having your BLP starter set of pen and vials will help you feel more present and have the “hands-on” experience of the lesson, but is not required for this level.

Q6. I’m an A-S therapist and already took this course. Do I have to take it again?

The BLP teachings offered by Gala and Robert Hasinger are lessons inclusive of theory and practice in science, and anatomy, as well as the science practiced by ancient civilizations like the Mayans, Greek, Indians. Many AS and BLP therapists find this integrated approach necessary to complement their existing knowledge and most decide to re-take course.

Q7. During the course, do I need another person to practice on?

Not necessarily. People can participate in the course just by themselves, but it is naturally better if the student has somebody to practice on. But you can always practice on yourself. We will explain all these details as the course approaches.

Q8. Are translations available? No, course is English only

Q9. What can I do after the class L2?

You are practice yourself , your family, friends. You even can charge to others for L2 treatment.

There are teacher courses If you want to be the teacher.

We can send the detail if you need.


These are the list of most common questions and answers. If you still need to talk, please contact to the organizer as follows.

Organizer THEIA-EL Yoshie

We look forward to seeing you in class 😊😊

Q8. Are translations available? No, course is English only


About Aura- Soma Harnessing the vibrational powers of Mother Nature, Aura-Soma is a system of colour, plant and crystal energies that include highest quality organic and biodynamic botanicals to enhance happiness and vitality. Using bespoke alchemic processes and homeopathic principles, every aspect of the process to create Aura‐Soma products is infused with love and beneficial intention.

with love & light x

THEAI-EL / Yoshie


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